Software Engineering

Our Approach…

We use well known and suitable software-engineering methods tailored to the development process of individual IT-solutions and components. For the business analysis and system design steps, we use established and proven object oriented software engineering methods. We implement solutions using standard products for operating systems and server applications. As programming languages, we use C++ or Java or whichever language is the most suitable. Techniques like reusable components, prototyping, rapid application development and computer aided software engineering are used to support the development processes.

Our Experience and our Tools…

Our software-engineering experience begins with component software through middleware for EDI-communication and continues up to full features vertical market solutions for the medical market. Our low-level system programming experience starts with simple communication interfaces for medical analyses hardware through our own frameworks and goes up to highly complex cross-platform porting projects on MS-Windows and Apple MacOS. We use well-known and proven development methods and techniques supported by industry-standard and our own applications for all of our development projects.

Our analysis and design (using UML) is supported by TogetherSoft's Together. Software Development is done using Metrowerks' CodeWarrior, VisualStudio.NET by Microsoft and Borland's JBuilder. On the Database side we have most experience with Oracle and SQL Server. As a 4GL Tool we are using Omnis Studio from Raining Data.
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