Version 2.4

ACWrite 2.4 has been released in December 2010. It adds support for Unicode Versions of Omnis, thus adds compatibility for Omnis Studio 5.0 and 5.1

Version 2.3

ACWrite 2.3 has been released in November 2007. New features are a new appearance, Drag & Drop Support, Integration as a Report Object and non visual Objects in Studio, Layout extensions to offer more word-like page layouting.

Version 2.2

ACWrite 2.2 has been released in August 2004. New features are headers and footers, true page view and spell checker integration.

Version 2.1

ACWrite 2.1 has been released in July 2002. Most important features are Studio Event Support (Selection changes, Content changes), MacOS X compatibility, Multi-Level Undo/Redo, RTF Import/Export
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